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Dawnine Dyer
October 10, 2013 | Dawnine Dyer

Harvest 2013- the grapes are off the vine and in the tank!

Just one week ago, on Sunday Sept 29, we concluded the 2013 harvest at Dyer Vineyard.  It was another banner year for us- early, ample and delicious.  Sugars had hovered around 24 brix for several weeks as we watched the flavors develop and skins soften to the point where color extraction becomes easy.  With a small storm coming in Sunday night we made a quick decision to pull the trigger and pick. 

After 5 years of relatively late seasons (and a few that were cut short, literally, by rain) 2013 was a return to harvest of the 1990s.  No heat waves marred the critical, post veraison ripening period and the fruit was in tip top shape when it arrived at the sorting table.  












Now mid fermentation, we’re watching a brooding, deeply colored wine take shape.  The tannins are rich and ripe, color intense and that characteristic black cherry note that dominates the best vintages fills the cellar. 

For the second year in a row, we’re fermenting ¾ of a ton of Cab Franc separate from the blend.  From 2012 we’re planning to release 50 cases of pure Cab Franc… it’s too early to say about the 2013, but it could turn out to be a little tradition.  Stay tuned!


Tom Steinbauer's Gravatar
Tom Steinbauer
@ Nov 20, 2013 at 4:54 PM
Kelley and I visited in 2012 and were able to ship a case of 2006 home...we really need some more Dyer!!!

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