Cabernet Franc 2018

Dyer Wines’ Cabernet Franc Wine

18% of the vines in Dyer Vineyard are Cabernet Franc.  We planted it to use in our Estate Cabernet Blend but our enthusiasm for the variety got us a little out of balance and, since 2013, we have made and bottled a barrel or two of 100% Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc is well suited to the volcanic soils of Diamond Mountain and has long been our favorite blending variety.  On Diamond Mountain it yields a wine that is both mineral, aromatic and lush with softer tannins than the famed tannins of Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. A short crop in 2015 resulted in a single barrel of this nectar. 24 cases produced

What One Critic Says…

Dyer’s Cabernet Franc is a total knock-out.  Expressive aromatics make a strong opening statement, but it is the wine’s depth, richness and overall intensity that truly stand out.   Embryonic and very young, it is going to need time to be at it’s best, but it is super impressive, even at this early stage.  Put simply, the Franc oozes with personality and character.


Our Notes Read…

High-tone, floral notes of violets and graphite layer with savory notes of sage and rosemary. A full bodied Cabernet Franc, structured and lush.