When we planted Dyer Vineyard over 25 years ago we were already familiar with the characters and qualities of Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon within the broader realm of Napa Valley Cabernets. Diamond Mountain Cabs are known for their intensity, concentration, and ageablity. Within this model, from the beginning we had in mind farming the site to fine tune a style of boutique wines that also focuses on tannin management to ensure rich, supple tannins, that can also go the distance when it comes to aging.

In the development of Dyer Vineyard, this involved row direction, choice of rootstock, and placement of the individual varieties.  In our seasonal farming practices it involves canopy management and several thinning tasks—shoot thinning to achieve dappled light in the canopy, cluster thinning to balance the ratio of leaves and fruit, and green thinning to ensure even maturation of the crop.

We are gratified to see more attention being given to stylistic choices within Napa Valley Cabernets and boutique wines, especially to the contrasts between Napa’s mountain AVA’s, and to the uniqueness of individual sites within these districts, found in our Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. We feel very lucky to have had the luxury of working with our own vineyard over many vintages to produce a wine than not only spotlights Napa Valley, but also Diamond Mountain District, and ultimately our own unique site.