Dyer Vineyard is pleased to announce that veraison is underway in the vineyard, signaling a busy harvest in late September for their Napa Valley winery.

Napa Valley, CA – August, 2016 – Dyer Vineyard has announced the beginnings of veraison in their Napa Valley vineyard.  Veraison is the period when grapes develop color and signals the start of ripening.

Veraison is an important marker in the growing season when the grapes begin to develop color, accumulate sugar, doubling in size, losing acidity, and ultimately softening to the point of optimal ripening. From the completion of veraison to harvest generally takes from 45 to 50 days. For the 2016 growing season, veraison is expected to be completed mid-August, with the grapes ready for harvesting in the third week of September.

Great care is taken leading up to veraison to ensure the best growing and ripening conditions. Canopy management and thinning occurs throughout the growing stage to allow proper light saturation, maintain crop balance, and control crop size.

Dyer Vineyard will complete a final “green-thinning” later this month, once approximately 80 percent of the clusters are completely colored. This third thinning allows for even ripping throughout the crop, and results in a more concentrated, balanced wine.

The 2016 vintage marks the 20th vintage for Dyer Vineyard and the 42nd vintage for the Dyers in the Napa Valley. Dyer Vineyard is looking forward to another successful harvest this year.

To learn more about the anticipated harvest for the 2016 growing season and wine selections, please contact Dyer Vineyard directly.

About Dyer Straits Vineyard

In 1996 Bill and Dawnine Dyer planted the vineyard at Dyer Vineyard and used their combined 80 years of winemaking experience to develop their Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.

For more information, please visit www.dyerwine.com or call (707) 942-5502.