Matt Kramer’s New California Wine, a revision of his 1992 classic Making Sense of California Wine has just been published. We like his revisionism! Here’s what he says about us:


“Dyer Vineyard—This is the tiny, personal vineyard (and home) of two former winemakers, Dawnine Dyer (former head winemaker of Domaine Chandon) and Bill Dyer (formerly head winemaker of Sterling Vineyards). They own a scant four acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot on Diamond Mountain. Located in what might be called Diamond Mountain’s “golden enclave” where Diamond Creek, Von Strasser, Reverie, and Dyer are virtually cheek to cheek. Dyer delivers the real goods. Simply put, these are great Cabernets. They brim with the characteristic coca and blueberry scent of Diamond Mountain Cabernet/Merlot. Ditto for the soft, ripe tannins. Quantity is obviously minute; quality superb. If you can find it, get it”.


With all due respect to Matt (he’s our new favorite wine writer) we must point out we are not former winemakers (we are hand’s on winemakers more than ever) and the vineyard is even smaller (2.5 acres not 4). Hard to find? Yes, but congratulations, you’ve found it!